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Mesquite inhabits over 55 million acres in Texas.  Mature trees grow up to 25 feet tall with a short trunk averaging 18 inches in diameter.  In comparison to Red Oak, Mesquite is four times more stable and twice as hard.  The dimensional stability of mesquite allows it to be used in both nail-down and glue-down installations.  Mesquite can also be used over radiant-heat flooring systems.

Mesquite’s extreme hardness and abrasion resistance gives it a life of many generations.  This makes it a top choice for flooring in remodeling projects as it can be laid at virtually the same height as existing flooring.  Mesquite is also a great choice for high risk areas such as kitchens and powder rooms which can be further accented with mesquite end-grain block countertops.

Mesquite flooring has a very unique grain with a rich reddish-brown color tone.

Ace Hardwood Mesquite Flooring Specifications

Origin               North America

Species              Mesquite (Prosopis Glandulosa)

Specifications   Select: small knots less then 1/2″ diameter on 5% or less of floor

                          Character: Fillable knots & cracks on every board

                           Square edged

                          Tongue-and-groove construction

                          Squared ends

                          Kiln dried to 8 – 12% moisture content

Dimensions     ½” thickness, 3/4″ custom run available

                          Widths available: 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, other sizes are custom run

                          Random lengths

                          Maximum length 4’

                          Average length 24”-30″

 Installation     Glue down, including direct to concrete slab

                          Nail down to wooden subfloor

Packaging       3”         20.5 sq. ft. per bundle

                          4”         22.0 sq. ft. per bundle

                          5”         22.5 sq. ft. per bundle

                          6”         13.75 sq. ft. per bundle

Finish               Supplied unfinished, hand Pre-finishing is available

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